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Q. What type of fabric should I choose?

It depends greatly on how the vehicle will be stored. We have listed below many of the features and benefits of each fabric type to help you decide which fabric will suit your needs best.

All-Weather Xtreme®:
Combines a tough, breathable UV protected outer coating that is highly water resistant with a cotton flannel underside to create the perfect outdoor combination — durable protection and softness. The added weight of the fabric provides added protection from abrasions, while the soft cotton flannel underside protects even the most delicate paint finishes.

This fabric is bulkier than WeatherAll (described below). As a result, a cover made from this material will be heavier, and more difficult to fold and store. The cotton underside will also absorb more water than WeatherAll. This will result in a longer drying time.

Light, yet water resistant, durable, and breathable, so there is no chance of staining or harming the paintwork. The polyester woven construction provides extra tear strength and durability. WeatherAll is treated to provide water repellency and UV protection. It resists dirt and is easy on the paintwork.

Ideal for outdoor storage since it is easy to place on the vehicle, fold and remove. Even when wet, it is not difficult to fold and store. 

Marine Grade: A heavier weight polyester woven construction which provides excellent tear strength and durability in the toughest environments combined with solution dyeing for superior color retention. Excellent UV and water resistance. However, this fabric is not as soft or paint friendly as either the All-Weather Xtreme or WeatherAll fabrics described above.

Soft, yet strong and durable. Ideal for indoor storage and occasional outdoor storage since it is treated with a water and mildew resistant finish. 

100% Cotton (Flannel or Non-Flannel):
Car collectors insist on 100% Cotton for their delicate custom paint finishes. It provides the softest material available. The 100% Cotton Flannel version has a fuzzy underside. The Non-Flannel version does not which makes it the preferred choice for canvas soft tops (no lint).

100% Cotton Flannel and Non-Flannel are best suited for indoor storage. Cotton absorbs a lot of water and makes it difficult to handle when it becomes wet.

Q. How long does it take to make a custom cover?

It will generally take us 1-2 weeks before shipping.

Q. Can a cover be made to accommodate special body work on my car (e.g. aftermarket spoiler, wing, etc.)?

We can manufacture a cover to fit any vehicle.

Q. Is there a logo on the front of the cover?

We do not place a logo or any identifying writing on the front of the cover. A red label is usually used to indicate where the front of the cover is located. This label has the care instructions on it.

Q. Are measurement charts available for custom covers for special vehicles such as motorhomes, race cars, etc.?
Yes, we have a variety of charts available to help you record the measurements needed to manufacture a cover for your vehicle.